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Feature: Five Sex-Positive Artists We Love

Our goal with Slaughterhouse has always been simple -- to provide a platform for ourselves, our friends, and our peers to talk openly about what we love and our experiences. And when it comes to a topic like sex/sexuality, it would be irresponsible of us to stick to our formula of highlighting a single artist. This is something we want to be loud about. So we reached out to people we follow on Instagram, and wound up with five individuals with varying perspectives to feature in The Spotlight. They are creative, intelligent, inspiring, and often make us reflect on our own perceptions of sex. We like them very much, and we hope you will, too.

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Interview: Maya Taylor

Maya Taylor has been dancing practically since she was born. But it wasn't until the last decade that she ventured into choreography, placing herself behind the scenes to create and direct other dancers, blessing the world with her signature flowing movements on an even grander scale.

We spoke with her following the release of Solange's visual album When I Get Home, which Maya helped choreograph.

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Interview: This Will Destroy You

On Halloween night, just as a spooky chill settled over Detroit, Adam and I arrived at El Club in Mexicantown, one of our favorite venues, though not one we’ve written about yet. THIS WILL DESTROY YOU was on stage doing soundcheck. A large, dark velvet curtain separated us from the band, but as they tuned their instruments and played through small sections of songs, the melodic, atmospheric sounds filled the nearly empty room.

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