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Queer Icon: Billie Holiday (1915-1959)

Billie Holiday's music transcends generations. Songs like "God Bless The Child", “Solitude”, “I’ll Be Seeing You”, and, of course, “Strange Fruit” are woven into the musical quilt of America. Her tendency toward triumph despite a world which continuously knocked her off her feet, and her unabashed, completely honest sense of self make her an icon for which the world will always be grateful.

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Queer Icon: Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992)

One of the most well-known actresses of the 20th century is Marlene Dietrich. She was born in Germany in 1901, and started performing as a chorus girl and in cabarets in her early 20s before landing her breakout Hollywood role in the 1930 film The Blue Angel, directed by Josef von Sternberg, with whom she would go on to make another six films. It wasn't long before Dietrich was a certified star.

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