Meet the staff


Cassandra Litten


Cassandra Litten is a small-voiced, big-hearted writer living in the Detroit area who has been penning poems and short stories since she was nine years old. Combining the aesthetic of old-fashioned romanticism with multi-faceted, modern characters she delves into the passions, evils, and kindnesses of human beings and creates narratives that are interesting and fresh while simultaneously paying homage to the stories she has always held close to her heart.
"I’m a big fan of murder,” she says. “When I’m not writing about it, I’m reading about it in detective stories and murder mysteries, watching horror movies with my friends, or getting lost in a film noir. There’s nothing like the brutality of murder to make people take a good look at the frightening honesty of their own souls.”  



Creator/Chief Creative Director

Sparks is a Michigan native recently back from living in Chicago. He studied graphic design while at college in Chicago but has recently begun exploring new mediums and passions. Sparks’ love of nature and video games has been a constant source of inspiration. He tries to find the beauty in everyday life and look at things from a different point of view. As a kid, his favorite activity was building with Legos, and that love for putting things together, working with his hands, and creating still exists today, in many new forms


Brittany Alyse  

Media Director

Brittany Alyse is a Southern California based aspiring screenwriter with an unwavering love for cinema. When she’s not writing
her own stories, Brittany spends her time consuming film and television from all time periods. She believes that when we are experiencing a film, whether it be from inside a theater or from the comfort of your own nest, we are emotionally connecting to each other through a form of both magic and truth. What she loves just as much as writing and viewing film is discussing it.
Now, through SLAUGHTERHOUSE, Brittany has the opportunity to talk about film in a way she has always wanted to. Through her reviews she hopes to connect with like-minded film lovers, but most of all hopes to shed light on women led and women told stories, as well as underrated gems that fly under the radar. She invites you all to join in on the conversation and, as Georges Méliès says in HUGO, “come and dream with me.”


Kyle Parker

Art Editor

Kyle Parker is a self-taught illustrator, writer, and activist originally from Detroit, currently residing in Chicago.  He draws inspiration from everyday life through a LGBTQ+ lens and uses materials that are easily accessible, referring to his work as "queer folkart". Through his illustrations and in his day-to-day life, he works to shine a spotlight on people within marginalized communities and remind people that their very existence can be a form of protest.