Journey to the Center of the Self IV: Found Family

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Growing up, I struggled to connect to a specific group. My interests varied -- I didn’t feel like one of the guys and I didn’t feel like one of girls, I just was. I quickly developed an adaptive personality. I handed out bits of myself when necessary and held onto others when they didn't fit, a chameleon skin if you will. Just as the chameleon uses camouflage for defense, I tried my best to blend in and skate through life. I stayed hidden until I came out in 2012.

Part of my disconnect came from not understanding who I was and lacking self-confidence. But the other part was not feeling like I fully belonged anywhere.

It wasn’t until my world became saturated with other queer people that I started to realize what it meant to live authentically and be myself, and that there was a beautiful spectrum of people in the world and that being queer wasn’t the small, stereotypical, televised gay world I grew up running from.

Along with this discovery of the queer world, I also discovered the value and importance of friendship and the love I carry for those I hold dear. I found my family in the queer people around me, my close-knit group of friends.