Premiere: ANOTHER WORLD, a musical short film by Julia Ritschel with Gloria de Oliveira


SLAUGHTERHOUSE is proud to premiere "ANOTHER WORLD".
Step into a poetical, poppy dreamscape created by director Julia Ritschel and artist Gloria de Oliveira.


GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA, formerly known as lovespells, is German-Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, musician and filmmaker, currently based in Hamburg.
In 2017, she started to release tracks under the nom-de-plume lovespells, culminating in the 5-track ep "LUA AZUL" (Blue Moon in her native Portuguese), a Dark Wave/Synth Pop confection, created in collaboration with the electronic music producer Spampoets. Gloria recently won the 2018 KRACH + GETOESE prize, Hamburg’s award for up-and-coming musicians.
She is currently working on a full-length album due later this year. "ANOTHER WORLD" is the second single release and at the same time the most personal track of the "LUA AZUL" EP. While the sound is reminiscent of 1980s Shoegaze, lyrically Gloria de Oliveira was inspired by the many-worlds theory of the US physicist Hugh Everett and by what this idea would mean for interpersonal relationships.


JULIA RITSCHEL sees herself as part of the sizzling German queer film scene and has already attracted attention with her lesbian short film "La Cigale et la Fourmi", which has been screened successfully at numerous LGBTQ film festivals and was an official selection at the renowned Palm Springs Short Fest, 2016 . "Another World" is her third music video.

Director’s Statement by director Julia Ritschel:
The video is the first collaboration between me and my friend Gloria de Oliveira, who also stars in the music video. It tells the emotional love story between two women who could be perfect together in "another world", but reality has a different plan. Above all, it is a story of first love which is also beguiled by mystery. The music video creates a strong atmosphere through its retro 80s style. It combines a modern camera with sensitive storytelling, vintage costumes and unique characters.