Review: Careful by Boy Harsher

Photo:  Careful  album cover, courtesy of Nude Club

Photo: Careful album cover, courtesy of Nude Club

By: Adam Lalonde
IG: OnlyGhosts

Brooding yet beat-driven, somber and still highly energized, darkwave duo Boy Harsher’s new album Careful builds upon the eerie, enigmatic style of dancey goth pop they recently showcased with their EP Country Girl just last year.

Originally formed in 2013 as Teen Dreamz, the Massachusetts-based pair solidified their dark electropop style as Boy Harsher, and released their debut EP Lesser Man in October of 2014.

Combining the minimal synth pop beats and textures of producer Augustus Muller with the ethereal melodic vocals, whispers and shouts of singer Jae Matthews, they achieve a sound that is both dreamy and highly danceable. With lyrics that explore themes of rejection, loss, turmoil, and the resulting desire to escape, Careful is full of songs that are easy to get lost in.

Listen to Careful below, released through their own label, Nude Club.

Boy Harsher is currently touring the US, Canada, Europe and the UK through April. Check out their website to see if they're playing near you.

Adam Lalonde