Found Sound: The Soft Moon at El Club

The Soft Moon2.JPG

By: Adam Lalonde

On a frigid evening in late January, almost a year out from the release of their fourth studio album, we caught The Soft Moon, a post-punk act out of California and product of artist Luis Vasquez, at Detroit’s El Club toward the end of their Criminal tour. The show opened with Chicago-based dark industrial duo HIDE heating things up with an aggressive and high-charged mix of noisy and percussive tracks paired with the eerie, ethereal vocals of singer Heather Gabel.

The Soft Moon followed, featuring two touring members in addition to Vasquez. We were treated to their signature blend of post-punk darkwave which can vary greatly from up-tempo and outright dancey to moody and almost shoegaze. They brought an incomparable energy the entire night, Vasquez moving back and forth between synthesizers, guitar, and hand-drums with ease, even pounding wildly on an overturned steel trash can during a few particularly dynamic and explosive moments throughout their set.

In all, it was a solid night of high-energy music that got the crowd very engaged and another great show at El Club.

Check out The Soft Moon's latest album, Criminal below.

Adam Lalonde