Review: Utopia (Björk, 2017)


By: Sparks

Björk creates a gorgeous and lush Utopia for her tenth studio album. Following up 2015’s Vulnicura which dealt with heavy topics (including the relationship and separation from her partner Matthew Barney), Utopia takes you on a delightful journey through a world of paradise.

The sounds are literally ripped from my finest dreams. You will feel at home nestled in Bjork’s world. Utopia is a sprawling soundscape of vibrant bass and synths coupled with soft and organic sounds, such as birds, strings, flute, and hypnotizing beats. The album is orchestral - dipping into low soft murmurs, then quickly swelling to life again. Utopia, is a statement of lust, love, motherhood, healing, optimism for the future, and creating you.

Utopia, is an exquisite addition to Björk’s already solid discography. The atmosphere for this album is perfect for someone like me who finds serenity in nature. Björk and co-producer Arca (who also worked on Vulnicura) are a symbiotic musical pair - the art they create together is truly beautiful and inspiring.

For more Björk goodies, including a breathtaking remix of "Blissing Me" featuring serpentwithfeet, check out the Blissing Me EP.

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